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Essential Oils





These are my favorites but I am am essential oil “junky” so I have a large collection and I use them every day.

Here is how I use them.

Lavender — A few drops on my pillow, blanket, and sheets to help me relax, 7 drops in the diffuser, 4 drops in my linen and lingerie draw, rub directly on bug bites.

Frankincense — 7 drops in my diffuser, especially during meditation, and quiet time, few drops on blankets, pillows, and sheets, rub a few drops in the palm of my hands and bottom of feet.

Peppermint — 7 or more drops on the carpet of my car for freshness.

Cedarwood — In the diffuser for a nice woodsy aroma.



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Essential Oils

Simply Earth ………

For $39 per month, I receive a recipe box.  Each box contains 4 – full size bottles of essential oils, recipe cards ( which teaches you different ways on how to use your oils), and all the items you need to make your projects given to you on your recipe cards.   Click on this link to sign up for your monthly box and see what is in this months box.  I like the recipe cards because it gives me more ideas on how to use the essential oils.  CLICK HERE.

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Online vs Store

Shoes, clothes, books, computers, phones, furniture, pet supplies, outdoor furniture, building supplies, school supplies, dishes, appliances, food, cars …..

Do you like online shopping or do you like going to a store or stores?  Do you like to shop by “sight” or do you like to” feel” and “touch”?

You can find and buy everything you need and want online.  Gifts can be bought and shipped to the gift receiver from the comfort of your home.  No more getting dressed, getting in your car, sitting in traffic for hours, and standing in line for an eternity.

Online shopping vs store shopping is an individual preference.  It’s what you like to do and what you are comfortable doing.